USALSA | Meet the Committee
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Meet the 2018 Committee

USALSA consists of a General and Executive Committee. The General Committee holds up to 16 members, each with a designated portfolio. The General Committee is responsible for the day to day management of the association, as well as co-ordinating events and acting as student representatives. Each position is voluntary, and each committee member is elected by law students at UniSA at the end of Trimester 3 (excluding 2017).

Executive Committee

Jessica Punch 



Jessica is a final year law student in her 3rd role on the USALSA committee, previously holding the roles of Treasurer/Vice President and Marketing Officer. Jessica is passionate about student representation and is committed to providing opportunities to all students. As President, Jessica aims to lead and be part of a team of enthusiastic individuals that help foster stronger student engagement, provide better quality events and give students access to a more diverse range of opportunities. She hopes to continue to improve the work USALSA does and make USALSA more actively involved within the community. Jessica is always up for a chat, so if you see her around say hi!


 Alexander Hamam


Hannah Thomas

Vice President & Competitions Director

Emma Martin


Eden Panozzo

Publications Director

General Committee

Hannah Thomas

Competitions Director

 Georgina Axford

Competitions Officer

Competitions Representatives


As Competitions Director, Hannah aims to increase student engagement in competitions and improve the efficiency of competitions. Hannah will also place a large focus on external mooting competitions. Aside from her role as competitions director, Hannah will continue to assist the committee to provide exciting events for all students and help them to get the most out of their degree.


Georgina is a fourth-year student studying Law and Commerce (Accounting). As Competitions Officer, she wants to ensure that competitions are run smoothly and are well organised. Georgina aims to increase student involvement by encouraging and supporting students to gain the knowledge and confidence to compete in a wide range of competition opportunities.

Eden Panozzo

Publications and I.T. Director

Victoria Darzanos

Publications and I.T. Officer

Publications & I.T. Representatives


Eden is a third-year student studying a double degree of Law and Journalism. Previously serving as USALSA’s Events Officer, Eden intends to foster greater student involvement through engaging, informative and helpful publications. Eden believes proper communication and marketing of events and opportunities is essential for all students to truly get the most out of their degree and is determined to improve this throughout her time on the committee.


Victoria is a third-year student studying a double degree of Law and Psychological Science. During her time on the committee, Victoria will assist in producing media publications and developing the USALSA website. As Publications and I.T. Officer, Victoria will continue to enhance the social platforms to which information is delivered and portrayed.

Courtney Dolphin

Careers Director

Natalia Reveruzzi

Careers Officer

Careers Representatives


Courtney is a fourth-year student studying a double degree in Law and Psychological Science. Courtney makes herself approachable to students to fully assist them in obtaining information regarding career opportunities that are available. Courtney joined USALSA to be more involved with the student body and hopes to increase student engagement during her time on the committee.


Natalia is currently in her third-year of a double degree of Law and  Journalism and Professional Writing. As Careers Officer, Natalia hopes to deliver useful and informative events which assist students in networking and finding career opportunities. She believes it is important to keep students up to date with information that has the potential to aid their careers.

Jasmin Robbins

Activities Director

Position Vacant

Events Officer

Activities & Events Representatives


Jasmin is a third-year Law student and has already completed her degree in Environment Science. Jasmin understands that law school can be a challenging and chaotic experience and is passionate about getting involved in USALSA and providing opportunities for students. As Activities Director, Jasmin aims to promote and enhance the student culture by running fun social activities such as pub crawls and law ball.

 Alexander Hamam


Position Vacant

Sponsorship Director

Finance Representatives


Alexander is a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Law accompanied by a Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing. Previously USALSA’s Publications and I.T. Officer, Alexander brings experience to his role as Treasurer, and aims to promote healthy finances to ensure students are adequately provided with high-quality career and social events, competitions, publications, as well as maintaining our ongoing commitment to charitable organisations.

 Lauren Knappstein

Marketing Officer

Richard Tran

Membership & Administration Officer

Administration Representatives


Lauren is a first-year student, studying a double degree in Law and Business (Human Resource Management), and is the Marketing Officer for the USALSA. As the Marketing Officer, Lauren under takes the marketing behind USALSA’s events. The Marketing Officer’s role is primarily to design promotional materials for our events and market events on our social media platforms.


Richard is a first-year student studying a Double Degree of Laws (Honours) and Marketing. Through his role as Membership and Administration Officer, Richard will provide assistance to those seeking guidance within the Law school. He wishes to see our law school be the best it can be and see the student body flourish.

Shania Morgan

First Year Representative


Shania is a first-year student, studying a double degree in Law and Psychological Science. Her primary role as the first-year representative is to be an advocate for the first-year cohort, by communicating any concerns or ideas that first year students may have to the committee. As the first-year representative, Shania aims to promote to her fellow cohort the activities that USALSA has to offer and ways to engage within the law school, and enhance their experience whilst studying Law. 

Position Vacant

Education & Social Justice Director


Victoria is a third-year student of a double degree in Law and International Relations. As Social Justice is about recognition and action to support the rights of all people, irrespective of their status in society, Victoria’s aim as Education and Social Justice Director is to raise awareness and allow USALSA to be open minded and join on events involving Social Justice. As she has devoted her time to various volunteering organisations, Victoria know’s it is a rewarding and truly meaningful experience.

Emma Martin



Emma is a penultimate year law student in a single Law degree. During her time as Secretary, she ultimately aims to assist students by being an approachable member of the committee and looks forward to working with all members of USALSA to provide all law students with a positive study environment.