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USALSA releases several publications throughout the year, for the benefit of all law students:

The Obiter, The First Years Guide, The Competitions Guide & The Careers Guide

Current Editorial Team


Publications Director


Publications Officer

First Year’s Guide


A collabarative effort between USALSA and the UniSA School of Law, the First Years Guide had its inaugural release for the 2015 School of Law Orientation. Designed as a casual yet informative publication to assist first years at the beginning of their law school career, the First Years Guide is hopefully the beginning of a tradition for USALSA helping bridge the transition into University for new students.

Careers Guide


USALSA’s Careers Guide is a highly informative and professional publication providing information to students about clerkships, graduate opportunities and how to conert a degree into a career by taking advantage of the many opportunities available while studying.  The Careers Guide is released annually, prior to the SALSC (South Australian Law Students’ Council) Uniform Clerkship Scheme. The Careers Guide is available to law students for free, distributed around the Law School, or online via our issuu page.

The Obiter


Founded in 2011 by a group of like-minded students, The Obiter is USALSA’s own student publication, run by a student editorial team and overseen by the Publications Director. It provides an open space for law students to have their say about their experiences at law school. It aims to be both as light hearted and humorous as it is serious and informative. The magazine features articles focusing on a broad range of topics, including political and legal issues, student achievements, information on study and career opportunities as well as law student culture.

Competitions Guide


USALSA’s Competitions Guide provides students with an extensive overview of the rules and outlines of what is required when participating in a USALSA Competition. Competitions are open to all students.

Previous editions of our publications can be viewed at: